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Conditions We Treat

Get You Back To Your Active Lifestyle With Pain Relief Treatment

Living with constant pain can put a dent in your active lifestyle. It halts the things you enjoy doing such as hiking, working out at the gym, or even playing with your children. Count on Ryan Slaughter Chiropractic to get you back to living the life you had prior to your pain. Our chiropractic practice in Scotts Valley and Watsonville, CA, has a team ready to help treat a variety of conditions.

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Which conditions can Chirpractors treat?

How can we help relieve your pain?

Headache Relief through Chirpractor


How to treat lower back pain

Low Back Pain

Sports Injury Clinic Santa Cruz County

Sports Injuries

Neck Pain Treatments

Neck Pain

Best treatments for Sciatica


Can a Chiropractor treat hip pain?

Hip Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatments

Shoulder Pain

Best Treatment for Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc

Can a Chiropractor fix my knee pain?

Knee Pain

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