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Poppy Wildey, CMT
Massage Therapist

Poppy’s approach to Bodywork is centered around recognizing and providing what your body needs to affluently receive healing touch. She methodically adjusts her style and pressure to find what your body best responds to, giving you thorough and effective stress and pain relief.


Her cordial approach makes her adept at tailoring her style to fit you as a unique individual. From light to deep pressure, she will make sure you are comfortable throughout the session. 


Taking her time, she explores each layer of muscle tissue to find the source of your discomfort. Proficient at finding those small muscles and adhesions, she will make sure to give you the most relief she can as a soft tissue specialist. 


Poppy utilizes a unique combination of therapeutic techniques such as light to deep pressure, breath work, trigger point release, myofascial stimulation and a variety of stretches to invigorate the soft tissue in order to achieve the best long lasting results for her clients. Proud and truly passionate about her work, she looks forward to meeting you.

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